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Expressions Volume 1 for IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X

Expressions Volume 1 for IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X


It is with great excitement I present to you Expressions Volume 1 - my first ever set of custom presets and sequences for the gritty but brilliant IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro X.


Expressions Volume 1 consists of 67 meticulously constructed presets and sequences (66 in the video demo) covering para-phonic pads, synth basses, synth leads, synth brass, plucks, arpeggio patterns, drum grooves, drones and soundscapes. Please watch the full demo of all 66 sequences recorded directly from the stereo outputs of the Uno Synth Pro X to the inputs of my audio interface with NO external processing. All presets/sequences do however make use of the the rather fantastic drive and internal FX engine. Where appropriate presets have mod wheel and aftertouch assignments for playing live from an external midi controller.


Regarding the musical content provided in the sequences by purchasing this sound set you have permission to use them directly in your comercial/non comercial productions, synth jams, EMOM or whatever. Installation requires a PC/Mac and the Uno Synth ProX Editor.


A Full installation demo can be found at:

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