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Synclavier Regen – Clavier Creations By Marc Barnes

Synclavier Regen – Clavier Creations By Marc Barnes


It is with great honour I present to you Clavier Creations - my first ever set of custom presets for the rather wonderful Synclavier Regen.


Clavier Creations Contains:


20 performance ready sessions. (Multi-perfomances)

42 Single timbres.

5 Custom Drum Loop samples.

11 Custom EDM Bass sample loops.

6 Custom Multi-sampled instruments.

All samples are self-produced and royalty free.


Please watch the full demo of all 20 sessions recorded directly from the regen to the inputs of my audio interface with NO external processing. Please note all presets make use of Poly AT hence why I am using the Hydrasynth Deluxe as a controller. No sound in this demo is produced from the Hydrasynth. If you are interested in presets for the Hydrasynth please search my youtube channel or visit my website A HUGE thank you to everyone at Synclavier Digital for lending me this inspiring (and valuable) synthesizer.


Introductory Price £7.99  until 31st January 2024 -  RRP £9.99



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